All About Kindness Starts a Kids Outreach Program

All About Kindness started a Kids Outreach program this Summer- open to ALL Jewish children. The focus is to help build healthy relationships, while developing life skills, and strengthening their bond within the community.  Our vision is to help our youth stay connected to their Jewish Heritage and become functional members of the society. We worry so much about how to help those that are in despair, that sometimes we miss the opportunity to help them from falling into those problems to begin with.

The program was a huge success and highly demanded by all. During the short time frame, without any funds, it went from 30 -60 children from one function to the next. All About Kindness invited Psychologist, NYPD Officer and a Bucharian NYPD Deputy Inspector and most importantly, a Recovered Drug Addict to speak to the children about the opium crisis, street and cyber safety, CPR instructor of the American Heart Association, nutritionist, as well as, inspirational young adults within the community to inspire the youth. The goal is to continue such functions and building strong leaders of tomorrow.