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We believe that all women deserve the right to have a Doula’s support through their journey to parenting. We also acknowledge the powerful impact that having a doula present can have on a woman, her partner and child. To make this belief a reality, we have structured our services in a way that ensures all prenatal women can access our services.

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We recognize that everyone is an individual and that each person’s journey is unique. We offer custom tailored packages to meet your individual needs.

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Questions? We’ve Got Answers

How early in my pregnancy should I book a Doula ?

A doula can be booked at any time during your pregnancy, pending their availability. We recommend that you begin the process of deciding if a doula is right for you early in the pregnancy. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to meet with multiple doulas before making the choice of who is best for you. Booking early will also ensure the availability of the doula prefer.

Many women report the benefit of booking their doula early in their pregnancy so that they have the time and opportunity to get to know their doula well before the labour and deliver of their baby.

What is the difference between a midwife and doula?

Midwives and Doulas are intended for two very different roles but they can work together to compliment each other’s roles.

MIDWIFE: Midwives are registered professionals who provide primary care to prenatal women during pregnancy, labour/birth and postpartum. In Canada, a registered midwife is approved to provide the primary care for a woman’s sexual and reproductive health in replacement of a physician in cases where the woman presents a low-risk pregnancy

DOULA: A doula is a birth companion or post-birth supporter who provides physical and emotional comfort measure to women in labour. A Doula is someone who provides non-clinical support to compliment the services provided by the laboring woman’s Doctor or Midwife.

How will my partner feel?

Everyone feels differently about labour, birth and becoming a parent. When making the decision of whether or not to use the services of a doula at your birth, it is important that you make the decision with your partner or whomever may be your support during this time. It is important to note that a Doula does not replace your partner, rather a doula works to support you and your partner in ways in which you identify as needed. We encourage all new clients to bring their partners to the initial meeting in order to ensure that your partner is comfortable with the doula you choose and everyone understands their role.

Where can you attend births?

At this time, our Doulas can attend any births within the city. This includes births at local hospitals, at the Toronto Birth Centre or in your home. Our Doulas can work with you to determine where you are most comfortable delivering your baby (where medically allowed) and support you in setting this up.

Do you have a diversity doulas who may understand my culture?

Canada is a diverse country, celebrating many cultures and religions. At All About Kindness, we pride ourselves in offering services to a wide array of cultures through our diverse team. Many of our doulas speak a second language (in addition to English). Should you desire a Doula who can support you, not only labour and birth, but in incorporating your beliefs and cultural practices, contact us and we will connect you with a Doula who meets your needs.

Does a doula make decisions for me ?

Doula’s do not make decisions for you. We believe that you know your body best and thus you are the best person to make decisions. Doula’s will offer you knowledge and support to enable you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Are your Doula’s certified and insured?

All of our Doula’s are certified by DONA International and insured through the Ontario Association of Doulas.

Are Doula services covered by my insurance?

Currently, Doula services are not covered by most insurance plans, but we will work with you and your ensure plan to assess the possibility of your insurance paying for this service.

Do you offer Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating the placenta to be consumed by the mother following her birth. While some studies show that this may be beneficial to a postnatal mothers, it is a delicate procedure to ensure the highest safety standards for consumption. To this end, we are not equipped to offer this service but would be happy to assist you in referring you to someone who does do placenta encapsulation.

How much does a doula cost ?

We offer value priced packages of services ranging from $800 to $2000. While these packages are geared towards most women’s needs, we also offer customization to meet the individual needs of each unique woman. Call us today to discuss a plan that works for you.

What if I cannot afford to pay?

As a business founded by a charitable organization, our goal is to ensure that all women can access the supports and services they require. We have various ways in which we can assist women with payment. This includes, but is not limited to:

Flexible payment plan programs without any interest

Zero interest loans

Subsidized packages

Pro bono services

 Call us today to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help.

If you would like to meet our doulas or would like to learn more about our services, We’d love to hear from you and be a part of your journey into motherhood.

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