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Natural Childbirth And Doula’s

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Doula, Natural Childbirth

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.” This famous quote by Ina May Gaskin – a renowned mid-wife best known for promoting natural birth, is truly heartfelt and her emphases on a life altering journey that a mother endures is most inspiring.

In this era where there is an excessive co-dependency on the medical system, there is a rise on the awareness of ‘reproductive justice’ a movement that allows women to fight for their birthing rights and have full control over their body. This pro-choice movement addresses the social reality of inequality that women face especially the inequality of opportunities that they have to control their reproductive future.  Historically, women gave birth at home without medical intervention with the help of a ‘community’. Overtime, this community took shape in the form of Mid-wives and Doula’s as seen in the present century.

A natural birth gives a woman the freedom to choose the way she delivers her baby which may be at home, at a birthing centre or in a hospital. She has the option to say NO to an epidural, IV’s, electronic fetal monitoring with the only exception being high-risk cases. This freedom can make labour easier and sometimes faster by allowing women to change positon during labour, experience increased comfort generally provided by a support person which likely results in a mother giving birth vaginally. Often times women who choose to give birth naturally, opt to go with a mid-wife who replaces a medical professional and, works hand in hand with a support person such as a Doula.

Doula’s provide emotional and physical comfort to the mother and lay out a birthing plan during a prenatal meeting. This birthing plan goes over various comfort measures to be used during labour, any special instructions regarding who should or shouldn’t be present in the delivery room, under what circumstances would a C-section make sense, skin to skin right after birth and a lot more. Having a well prepared birthing plan with the help of a Doula can make a mother and her partner feel emotionally secure. Statistically, continuous support as provided by a Doula during childbirth has shown a 25% reduction in the risk of a C-section, up to 15% higher likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth and 35% parents less likely to report a negative birth experience!

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